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Shaxian Civil War Factions Empty Shaxian Civil War Factions

on 2019-06-20, 12:32 pm
Following the Event, Shaxia is split geographically by the Blight, and split politically by separate factions vying for control of the nation.


Location: Primarily Southern Shaxia

Loyalists to the Shaxian Royal Family. They largely blame Parthas for the attack, and assume it is some kind of chemical warfare. Their goal is to find Europa, seat her on the throne, and declare war on Parthas.


Location: Unknown, possibly based out of Kepi

Extremist Iribar faction. The fall of Xang and the royal family (specifically the Event) was a fulfillment of an ancient prophecy by which they got their name: The Dragon that Eclipses. They aim to plant one of their own on the throne.

Unnamed Cult

Location: North Shaxia

In northern Shaxia, several survivors witnessed Celeste's rampage and venerate her final form as a god. Their beliefs also revolve around the same Gongbaku prophecy.


Location: Unknown

Most Shaxians assumed the fall of the Technocracy after the Event, due to the majority of the Getsu having died in Xang. However there rumours that a small splinter cell survived, and have chosen a King of their own to lead them.

Lord Khanh Zheng & Various Shaxian Nobles

Location: Hantsun, Shaxia

Several Shaxian lords took advantage of the PE chaos to also attempt a claim to the throne. Khanh Zheng, son of the late Lord Zheng (who opposed Medraut and was subsequently kidnapped and killed at the Tower), has the strongest following and the largest support from his seat in Hantsun. He now controls the most bountiful area for crops and livestock in Shaxia, and many lesser lords have united under him.
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