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: Dioscuri
Class : Iribar

HOUSE OF XUAN // Shaxia Empty HOUSE OF XUAN // Shaxia

on 2018-05-29, 5:57 pm
Fehim Xuan  // Male // Doctor

  • Following the Slaughter Event, of which Odette was the sole survivor, Dr Xuan brought the child to his lab in Kepi in order to “observe” her and track her recovery. In reality he subjected the girl to all manner of experiments, both physical and mental, discovering her alternate personality -- Odile. Dr Xuan is therefore the first of only two people to be aware of her inner name, which he made good use of. Though there are no digital records, there is evidence that he surgically implanted various cybernetics throughout her body.
  • Age: 71
  • Status: Missing

Lochan Shiv Xuan // Male // Iribar

  • Estranged son of Dr Fehim Xuan. Under Shiv’s influence, Odette was able to break out of Dr Xuan’s lab. At his home in the mountain range north of Kepi, he trained her extensively in the martial arts, teleportation, and pain suppression. He is the second of only two people to be aware of her inner name.
  • Age: 46
  • Status: Alive
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