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: Princess of Shaxia
Class : Ahntsag

HOUSE OF ZHENG // Shaxia Empty HOUSE OF ZHENG // Shaxia

on 2018-05-25, 3:00 am
Nobles who are seated in Hantsun, and control some of the most bountiful reaches in the country. They provide much of Shaxia with fresh, rich produce.

Lord Zheng
An arrogant but deceptively sharp adviser to King Harish VI. He is one of Medraut’s most vocal critics.

Lady Lanh Zheng
One of Lord Zheng’s daughters. Companion and close friend to Princess Europa.

Lord Khanh Zheng
Lord Zheng’s oldest son and heir. Vies for the throne following the disappearance of his father, and death of his sister. Has the strongest following in Southern Shaxia.
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