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on 2018-05-02, 10:42 am
The Dubsar Dubsar

The Dubsar Pf_dubsar

Pronounciation: DUB-sar
Thanks to @Mage_Clawhammer !

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The Cabal

The Cabal is a council made up of sixty Dubsar who have been elected by their peers to act as the primary governing body in Cadmira. Tradition dictates that members of the Cabal may only consist of the oldest and wisest of their people, but that tradition has long been disregarded. While the Cabal is still largely made up of the best minds within the Dubsar, discrimination against age and gender are a thing of the past. Cabal council members are elected only by fellow Dubsar, and will serve for life unless they are voted out, or choose to step down.

The Techno-Mages

The centuries have begun to show a slow but steady decline in the potency of certain Dubsar abilities. The direct cause is unknown, but despite years of study and refinement of the techniques that have made them wildly successful arcanists, every generation has begun to express a weakening of talents. As a result, the Dubsar have begun to incorporate advanced technology designed to enhance and stabilize arcane ability. This incorporation has given rise to the Techno-Mage, a Dubsar who supplements their magical gifts using technological devices and cybernetic implants. Techno-Mages are naturally gifted Dubsar, and undergo the same rigorous study and years of research as other Dubsar Arcanists. Most of them reach a capability with their talents on par with the most powerful of “True Dubsar”, but due to their reliance of technology, they are less versatile and adaptive.

The existence of the Techno-Mage is a closely guarded secret among the Dubsar. The Cabal forbids speaking of their methods, and Dubsar who break this taboo are at risk for being imprisoned or even executed. It is believed that should the rest of the world discover the Dubsar’s growing dependency on technology, it could be viewed as a weakness that would invite aggression from other nations, such as Parthas or Shaxia.

The Meteh Sharur

In the distant past, the Dubsar's Extremist sect similar to the Eskatonics. Dedicated to eradicating Jorpa within Cadmiran borders out of fear, they gained support through a strong propaganda campaign. The order grew after several successful raids targeting Jorpa operating within Cadmiras borders, but the matter escalated until it was out of hand, and the witch hunters started taking bribes to target innocent Cadmirans for the selfish gains of third party interests. Ultimately, they dissolved when they tried to target members of the Cabal, and were summarily arrested, imprisoned, and discredited by the government. Today, they operate underground, but are mostly just a collection of old Dubsar telling scary tales and re-living the glory days.

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Dubsar often serve alongside the Seipat in military actions. The Cadmiran army is small; well equipped but victim to subpar training. For this reason, the Cabal commonly turns to the Yuthi tribes for mercenary soldiers in exchange for technology and supplies.

Cadmira and the Cabal have a longstanding technological rivalry with the nation of Shaxia that has, on numerous occasions, threatened open war between the two nations. To date, however, both sides are content to square off and trade insults.

While never on the best of terms, the Cabal has been known to trade services with Parthas. Ruaj mercenaries are a much sought after commodity, and the Cabal will pay a high price for Parthese soldiers. But the growing popularity of the Eskatonic church may put an end to this relationship.

Despite the long years since the Dubsar split from their brethren, they have very little to do with the Jorpa. The Cabal has forbidden trade with Merim and its citizens, and Jorpa are often used in Cadmiran ghost stories to frighten children.

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