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on 2018-04-30, 11:13 pm
The Ahntsag Ahntsag

The Ahntsag Pf_ahntsag

Prounounciation: OHN-tsug

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For as long as there has been a King of Parthas, there has been an Ahntsag at his side. Able to directly trace their lineage from the first Salqanam settlers, the position of Ahntsag is hereditary with acolytes as young as age 10, as well as bound by social rules and tradition in order to emphasize the weight and importance of ancient, mystical life and the solemn beauty which it represents.

At its core, the Ahntsag doctrine can be encapsulated by:

Love the Creator
Love your own being
Love your fellow Salqanam

Offer protection to all life that seeks it
If an enemy strikes, do not strike back unless it is in the interest of protecting Parthas
Devote your sword only to protecting Parthas and its Monarchs

Offer healing to all life that seeks it
Demand no payment or tribute for healing, as healing is a discipline and a privilege, not a personal ability or power
Devote one's self to healing regularly, as it is a discipline that draws one closer to the Creator

The Ahntsag's responsibilities range from politics and military to religious and social:

Political & Military Responsibilities
Aside from the Dubsar, the Ahntsag is the only class who are able to exercise prophetic abilities. This has been useful to the Parthese throne from time immemorial and it is not uncommon to have several Ahntsag living in the palace at any given time. By law, the Grand Vizier must be an Ahntsag, and they are in the position to impart wisdom and advise the King in political, as well as social affairs. Their advice falls within the realm of acting in accordance with the Parthese faith, as well as any practical matters concerning their fellow Ahntsag in battle.

Ahntsag of the court may be consulted for the interpretation of dreams, as well as giving advice to the royal household as a whole. They are usually a calming, scholarly presence in the palace, and will devote time to imparting moral teaching to the young heirs of the throne.

The Ahntsag function mainly as healers on the battlefield, and are highly adept at healing their fellow Ruaj. Depending on the Ahntsag's experience, one Ahntsag is usually expected to be able to heal at least a battalion of 500, with the highest recorded being one Ahntsag healing a battalion of 800. However, employing only one Ahntsag is risky, and there are usually 4 or more Ahntsag per battalion.

All Ahntsag are trained in combat alongside healing, and are usually adept at the basics of ranged light magic after two years. In the battlefield, unless specifically instructed, they will not use offensive attacks and instead, use their energy to focus on healing the Ruaj.

Religious & Social Responsibilities
Only Ahntsag are permitted to lead religious organizations and conduct religious teaching, ceremonies, feasts and observances in Parthas. More information here.

The Eskatonic Priests

The Eskatonic Priests head a rapidly growing religious movement that places emphasis on salvation through tribulation. Eskatonics teach that war is the ultimate expression of the Creator’s grace, as it purges corruption, hardens the faithful against vile machinations, and scours the land clean of the influences of demons, heretics, and aberrations. Eskatonics encourage aggressive expansion, viewing it as the only effective method of spreading their beliefs to neighboring nations. Thankfully, the Monarchy continues to maintain majority control of the military.

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Traditionally, the Ahntsag maintain peace with the other nations, yet due to their fierce loyalty to Parthas, are viewed as dangerous in their own right. However, their healing abilities alongside their vow to impart restoration to any who ask, have earned them a respected place amongst the international community. As political figures, history shows that more often than not, the Ahntsag have encouraged agreements between the Parthese throne and other Zioans.

However, the rise of the Eskatonic church has put great strains on long held agreements between the Monarchs of Parthas and neighbouring nations. At the very best, the Eskatonics regard the other races as heretics and blasphemers. At the worst, they view the others as demonic and unnatural. The Church has been putting a lot of pressure on the ruling body to break all contact with the magical races and make treaties with their Salqanam brethren alone.

Orthodox Ahntsag experience a growing concern regarding the Eskatonic Church. Many have joined the Eskatonics, some incorporate elements into otherwise Orthodox teaching, and yet others are completely against it.

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