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on 2018-04-30, 6:09 am
The Seipat Seipat

The Seipat Pf_SEIPAT

Pronounciation: SAY-pat
Thanks to @Mage_Clawhammer !

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on 2018-04-30, 7:22 pm

Seen as remnants of the old Zioa, the nation of Yuthi was the cradle of Zioan civilization and was one of the first two nations. With Shaxia to the south, Yuthi encompassed what is now known as northern Parthas and northern Shaxia, in addition to its current borders. In those days, beasts lived alongside the Salqanam. Over time, however, Yuthi was overtaken, tribe by tribe, and pushed back to its current borders.

Most Yuthi tribes are self sustaining and governed by a single Chieftain. There are a few instances, however, where several tribes may form a confederation to better protect themselves and their lands. Any Yuthi can become a Seipat, and twice a year, all candidates undergo brutal training and battles. Once they have proven their strength and their connection to the beasts of Yuthi, they pass through a purification rite and are mentored by an experienced Seipat.

Seipat are characterized by their connection to the land and because of this, are able to forge bonds with many of the beasts they come into contact with. Their religious practices include Shamanism, Animism, Ancestor Worship, with a special reverence for Nusu, who brought forth the trees, quickened the earth and by extension, gave the Seipat their places to hunt. To this day, the Seipat will thank both Nusu and the animal who they kill. A Seipat will then mark their own armour, seen as an extension of one's self, for every kill - depending on the beast or Salqanam, the mark's size may vary. At the end of the year during Kitsahr Kima (kit-SAR ki-MA) - "The Cemetery in the Horizon", all Seipat will plant trees equal in number to the lives they have taken.

The Eaters

The Seipat are secretive, and as such, much of their talents are yet unknown to those who are not of their kin. Many nations have heard rumors of the Eaters, however. By physically ingesting an object, the Eater gains understanding of the object. A blade of grass may reveal to the Eater the geography of the land, or the history hidden in the soil. A piece of meat could give insight into the life of the animal, its habits and desires, from whence it came and to where it might have gone.

Eaters have long held importance in helping their tribes find safe places to settle, and to locate otherwise scarce sources of food and water. Eaters are a rare occurrence, and come from all walks of life.

The Mutsum (muut-SUUM)

Translating to "snake", the Mutsum are Seipat who trade beasts, dead or alive, to other nations. The Mutsum are an enemy of the nation, and should one be caught by a tribe of Yuthi, are promptly executed. The Mutsum's clients are aware of this, and their identities are closely guarded by all who are directly involved, in the interest of ongoing peace between Yuthi and the other nations.

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The Yuthi rarely cross borders, and their knowledge of the other nations is limited to hearsay and the teachings of their tribe Chieftain and elders, as well as the occasional non-Yuthi who ventures into their nation. However, most Seipat are exempt to this rule, and because of their prowess, hold confidence in their survival. Yet, the choice to leave Yuthi is difficult, as their devoted connection to their land is not easily broken, and many share the same concerns as the Paroch when visiting other nations - that technology has become too controlling. Those who do choose to leave Yuthi often work as mercenaries and will usually invest their newfound wealth into the bettering of their native country.

This does not mean that the Seipat (nor the Paroch) are against technology. They are merely against the way that the other Zioans have allowed technology to reign over their societies and the dependency which comes alongside it. Because of this, the Seipat use technology only when necessary for battle and have combined it with their tribal way of life - more as a tool to support their already existing beliefs and lifestyle. This is no small achievement, and has caused some Seipat to be weary of those classes who have not taken the time to consider how both nature and technology could work in tandem.

Because of such scarcity, most classes have heard only rumors and are in awe of the Seipat. Though the more technically dependent classes could never fathom living the way that the Seipat do, there is a measure of respect evident upon any rare meeting or chance sighting. To fight alongside a Seipat is at worst, a novelty and at best, an honour for the other classes - there is a saying among the classes that to fight alongside one is to fight for Namti Zioa Buruh Katsu (NUMB-ti zai-OH-a BOO-roo CUT-suu) - meaning to fight for "The Deep, Living Land of Zioa".

Possible Companions:
Dumu | Lulim
Note: The Seipat are usually able to tame any beast, however, the above are more likely to be found as companions.
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