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on 2018-04-29, 11:11 pm
The Getsu Getsu

The Getsu Pf_GETSU

Pronounciation: GET-suu

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The nation of Shaxia has a long and bloody history. Once divided into eight kingdoms, Shaxia's early kings united under a single banner in order to counter Parthese invasion. Their efforts were successful, however the temporary alliance bought inside conflict. Half of the kings desired to keep the alliance intact for greater protection, and the other half sought to return to the old kingdoms.

This sparked a civil war, with the victors being those who were united. Despite their defeat, the four dethroned kings vanished and escaped capture. Known in Zioan history as the Lost Kings of Shaxia, they soon became almost mythological figures, though the new monarchy sought to quell any further rumours and ruminations.

However, things would only grow more and more grim.

One by one, members of the new royal household fell, and with them, the previous kings who supported a united Shaxia. The killers were brutal and adept, whispered to be the stuff of shadows. They possessed great speed and any efforts to capture them were futile.

The shadows, the Getsu, were the descendants of the Lost Kings.

Eventually, the High King surrendered. Yet he was cunning, and instead of allowing the nation to be split once more, he made a bargain with the Getsu. They would work for him, and he would bestow land and riches, much like the old ways, simply under a new name.

The Getsu agreed, and for the most part, now work for the crown.

The Technocracy

Shaxia's underground world is a fast-paced, frightening, fascinating place. Amongst the Getsu are those who want to see the Monarchy burn. Known as the Technocracy, they are a small but rapidly rising movement in the underground scene and preach anarchy and cyber crime for freedom. Boasting some of the finest specialists and scientific minds, the members are highly functioning members of Shaxian society, making them very hard to pinpoint. They have no political or geographical loyalty, are pro-cyber warfare, and freely trade in the Zioan black market, focusing on information trading and espionage, weaponry, drugs, and the sex industry.

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Tensions arose when the royal guard, the Iribar, were forced to accept the Getsu's newfound positions.

The Getsu, masters of stealth and incredibly adept at technology, are a frightening force. They use mostly digitally enhanced melee weapons, as well as specialized rifles. They also possess equipment tailored towards intelligence work, such as cyber infiltration or covert information gathering. Though many view them as the King's Left Hand, there are also a number of Shaxian citizens who fear and distrust the Getsu, suspicious of their so-called good intentions.

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