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on 2018-04-29, 9:06 pm
Vocabulary Vocab

  • The Creator: The Creator God.
  • Celestials: One of two Zioan races. Lesser deities who were created from the Creator's vision.
  • Celestial Children: Part of the Celestial race. Supernatural humanoids who possess the DNA of the Celestials.
  • Salqanam: One of two Zioan races. Comparable to humans with no natural magical abilities. Created from the Creator's heart.
  • Agamale[s]/Agamen: Part of the Salqanam race. Zioa's third gender, born half-Celestial. More information here.


  • Race: Either Celestial or Salqanam. Agamen, though they are half-Celestial, are regarded as Salqanam.
  • Nation: Zioa has five nations, and each nation is the birthplace of certain classes. All classes belong to a nation, but not all citizens of a nation belong to classes. More information here.
  • Class: Comparable to RPG classes, all seven classes train for certain types of combat. They are only open to the Salqanam. Each nation specializes in different classes, though not all classes restrict membership by national citizenship. The term Genus may also be used, but this is an old-fashioned term and is largely outdated. More information here.


  • Inner Name: Part of the global Zioan understanding that their self-power and identity is vested in their name. All Zioans have an Inner Name separate from their legal name that they do not release to anyone except their most loved and trusted. This Inner Name, if fallen into the wrong hands, can allow the antagonist to cause great harm and steal power. Most inner names correspond to animals, objects and elements - however, it is the individual's spirit contained in this word that is violated.
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