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on 2018-04-29, 8:42 pm
The Agamen Agamale

Agamale is a term used to identify a separate, third sex in Zioa.

Biologically, agamen are born half-Celestial. The Celestial Children have no gender, which is what causes the difference. The agamale gender was socially established in order to recognize the legitimacy of half-Celestials. Agamales can choose to identify as either male or female, or completely outside of it.


Due to the half-Celestial blood, agamen are not able to reproduce. Because of the wide variety of Celestial Children and their magical properties, agamen may have male or female organs, in some cases both (mutation - able to produce whatever organ at will), and in other cases, neither. Those who posses one or both male and female organs experience sex as pleasure only. There have been no recorded agamale pregnancies.

Celestials who have mated with Yuthian beasts also produce agamen. These agamen are usually fully bestial in appearance, yet for the sake of this RP, please provide a backstory regarding how your bestial agamen came to possess humanoid appearance.

Most nations and classes co-exist peacefully with agamen, however, there are pockets of Parthese society who actively persecute agamen, and the Ahntsag and Ruaj classes do not allow them in their ranks.
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