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Class : Jorpa

THE WIZARD DÓITEÁN // Male // Jorpa Empty THE WIZARD DÓITEÁN // Male // Jorpa

on 2018-04-29, 12:44 pm
Dóiteán (doe-TIAHN)

  • A Jorpa, extremely power-hungry. His power is centred around the element of fire. Possibly in a war with Medraut, another Jorpa who is serving the King of Shaxia. Dóiteán works with the Merimian government, however, he is also a covertly high-ranked member of the Paroch.
  • Short white hair, tanned skin, chameleon eyes which change colour depending on his mood. A delicate face that is eternally young.
  • His home is located in Gyphis, and is a large manor guarded by what is well-known as the Red Gates for their appearance, size, and numerous enchantments. These cybernetic walls of steel allow very little to pass. Apart from the Wizard himself, only Urvashti is granted free entry.
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